Friday, August 5, 2011

Countdown to School starting Monday August 8

Countdown to the last days before school starts. We made a run through Fashion Square mall to my daughter's favorite stores. I bought five pair of jeans from one store, my daughter's favorite. I asked the cashier what was my bonus. She looked at me funny. I repeated it and explained , I just purchased five pair of jeans on sale,  but I think I should receive some kind of bonus. She stated she couldn't include anything. Having learned from my father that the only dumb question is the one NOT asked, I requested the manager. He was standing there at the register with us the entire time. Now mind you I was being very nice and laughing as I repeatedly made the request. He said I can't include any thing. I stated, Yes you can. I am purchasing five items in one transaction. I said I sell the jewelry I'm wearing and if I have someone purchase five items in a single transaction they don't have to ask, I'm giving them SOMETHING.  He said,  several items and I didn't know what they were. When I asked my daughter and she told me I said, No. I was nice the entire time. He said I'll be right back.

When he returned he  had three items my daughter would use. I told her to pick the one she liked. He said , No gave her all three. The also gave us a coupon for the next sale. Thank you Daddy (now an Ancestor) for teaching me not to be afraid to speak up and to ask for what I want. My Daddy taught us there are only two answers to a request Yes or NO. Maybe is a Yes with conditions. Whatever the outcome, don't take it personal.

What lesson were you taught as a child that you use to this day?

I'm going to make the "Dragon's Blood" stone into a  pendant and post it probably Saturday I have clear  picture of the final design in my head so I can execute the pendant now. (Those of you who follow my blog know I can't draw a lick.)

As always you purchase my "pretties" my clicking on the title.

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