Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Starts August Here in the Valley

School starts in the Valley August 8 which is pretty crazy since we have 110 plus degree temperatures now. Yet again kids are not the priority its more about those stupid tests that are really not measuring much of anything and consuming way too much of the teaching time.

My daughter ad her friends have  been ready to go back to school since July. I think that's  so they can come together with their friends. Schools are not like when I attended and we could walk a couple of blocks and you're at school. We walked to both elementary and middle school (we called it junior high).

I had to deal with a major meltdown when we received the class school schedules. I do have to give the Scottsdale school district a plus on getting the info out to the parents. We have schedules and the entire school calendar before school starts. None of this monthly guessing game nonsense. Back to the meltdown,  baby girl was not placed in Mandarin Chinese. This led to major boohooing and my daughter rarely gets upset. So Mommy had to visit the school to find out why she got none of her electives. The schedule was reworked to add AP Mandarin (She's really very good). She hopes one day to visit China through one of the exchange programs so she can really test her skills without Mommy present. (Little Ms. Independence)

We know several families from Mainland China here in the Valley and they have graciously offered to talk with when ever she wants to practice. We recently attended an event and one of the families grandmother was there and baby girl got to Dialogue with her. She was elated because "Grandmother" complimented her on her mandarin.

Baby girl is turns thirteen next month. I am an "old school" mom and want to encourage her femininity something too many girls seem confused about. Off we went to get manicure,pedicure and her hair done.  We wear our hair natural so she wanted to try a press and curl. She loved it. (Local trade schools and skills centers are great places to go because they are supervised and graded so they do an excellent job at even better prices). We went to Maricopa Skills Center on Buckeye.

Everyone has sales going on so I bought basic supplies and will finish up as soon as the teachers post their lists today or tomorrow.

All in all a good summer. How's you summer going? Made some memories yet? Still have time for a staycation or weekend road time? Get those memories made that is what your kids will remember and hold on to. Think about what you remember best, even if you resented it at the time. I'll best its one of your fondest memories now. Even the IPhone-Generation needs that. So shut the computer down, cut off the gadgets and go made some memories. Smile

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