Friday, March 1, 2013

Eye Candy Friday March 1, 2013

Hi All!

Today's Eye Candy Friday is Earrings. Remember the 50% off sale ends  at midnight. Use code "BLKHISMO" at checkout.

Wire wrap earrings



Cowrie Shell wire wrapped in Sterling Silver

Cowrie shell ear spears
 March is Women's History Month and my birthday so I'll have goodies lined up for the entire month. Remember the sale ends at midnight.

Leave me a comment as to which earrings on my Etsy site are your favorite pair.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks @Carolina Heartstrings. Glad you came to visit.

  2. I love those copper wrapped disk! So amazing! I popped over from blogging buddies.

  3. The seashells are definitely my favorite. I live in Maine and love the ocean! ;-) I have an Etsy shop and a blogspot blog, too, and you have given me some inspiration for my own blog. Thanks!

    Oh, and you're also a fellow March birthday person! :-) Mine is on the 29th. I should think about doing some kind of promotion, too.

    1. Happy birthday to YOU! Happy birthday to YOU! Smile.

  4. I like to read your post. keep publish like this. thanks