Friday, March 9, 2012

My Birthday Celebration Day 5

Yes, I'm still celebrating. Good thing I don't drink. Smile

Picking up where I left off, I stayed in Houston, Texas for eight years. This is where I was in the second car accident where I was rear ended and the car was totaled. (Atlanta was the first.). Houston was also where I was living when I first traveled outside the country to of all places Cairo Egypt. I loved Cairo. I am/was 5" 10" (I've lost an 1.5 inches since I've been in Arizona) which should have made me an anomaly, but I felt right at home. I was like a kid in a candy store. So many different favors of humankind. I didn't feel like an outcast, not Black enough or white enough. I was accepted for me. The Egyptians laughed at me because I kept asking where is that person from. I was told sister, we know what they do to you in America, Welcome Home. An organization entitled, "World Peace through Law" lead by the legendary jurist Turk Thompson was my ticket to leaving the country.

I was hooked on traveling after going to Cairo. I went to the Bahamas and Jamaica after that. The trip to the Bahamas was so cheap I was practically living there. Smile. I later went back to Cairo with Congressman William Gray's Philadelphia Trade Mission to Africa. I saw an article in Black Enterprise about the trade mission and called and asked to attend. I was told to send a check for $5,000. I did and I went. How I got the five thousand is a story unto it self. (You'll have to read the book. Smile) We went to Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Senegal. I wore heels so it was interesting to see the peoples average height change as we went from country to country. Ivory Coast I felt like Gulliver. Senegal I was short (Loved it.)

Not long after I moved to Washington to find out how things really worked in Washington. I was a beltway bandit for all of two years. My self esteem is much too high for me to survive in such a plantation atmosphere.

I moved back to Detroit and stayed there for 17 years. Marrying twice, having both my girls and divorcing. I went to work for the Detroit City Council in their Research and Analysis Division doing economic and legal analysis. Loved the job, hated my supervisors who were both females, married and closet lesbians. I left City Council during an election year and went out on my own doing international trade.

In 1999 the entire left side of my body began to twist up. My 2000 my left side was twisted up as if I had a stroke. My doctor's assured me it was Arthritis. I didn't believe them. One of the crazy things that happened during this time was the medical professions reaction to my ailment. One ortho would only treat my back, nothing else. The other ortho would only treat my neck, hand and leg. It was at this time I was told my the ortho treating my back that in ten years I would be in a wheelchair with my neck bent on my bosom. I remember calling one facility calling and saying I was being treated like body parts instead of a whole person. The person I was talking to told me, "I'm not supposed to tell you this but call Beaumont hospital." I called still crying and got Julie, an intake nurse. She calmed me down and told me what they were going to bring me in for a complete physical and them determine which specialist to assign me under. I was assigned to rheumatology and Dr. Presvnor became my Jewish Godfather. I credit him with my staying out of that wheelchair. So when he told me my body was no longer able to fight off Michigan's winters.  I didn't ask any questions. We left Michigan and moved to Arizona.

When I came to Arizona, if you were walking with me you would ask what was that sound. The sound was my joints grinding against each other. Well its not 2012 and I'm still standing. Wonder where that doctor is. Smile

See you tomorrow

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  1. Your life has been interesting and full but it is not over yet. I have really enjoyed reading what you are writing. So when is this book coming out... SMILE.

    1. Doing these daily posts has helped me to go back and remember many things. This retrospective is the push I need to get started. So hopeful I can get a rough outline done soon. Now I see why my friends have been on me for years to write about my life. This has been a most interesting journey with the usual good, bad and indifference situations. Smile.

  2. Sounds like you had quite a good time celebrating your birthday and traveling! Many blessings!