Saturday, August 6, 2011

Iftar Ice Cream Social and Bazaar

Yes, Ramadan  in this heat quite a challenge. The heat by itself is a challenge add in no water and food and it becomes even harder. Yet to do so brings many Blessings to you for doing or trying to fast. Fasting is an interesting way to clear the Mind Body and Spirit. I have non-Muslim friends who fast with Muslim for the 30 days of Ramadan because there are so many healths benefits to doing so. They have enjoyed the iftars as this gives them a chance to understand what it means  about Islam being a total way of life. The Iftars (Communal Meals) are such a great way to end the day. You get to see folks you may not have seen in a while. Think about it , some of your best memories, no matter what your religion, have been around sharing a meal. Whether holiday gatherings, the family reunions, Sunday meals or just having friends or for food. There is just something special about breaking bread together.

Today one of the Masjids (Mosque is french for masjid) is having an ice cream social and Bazaar after Iftar. I know the kids are looking forward to it. Women to browsing and Men to hanging out and not having to rush back to work. Should be very nice.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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