Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phoenix Mercury Makeover Reveal at the Game Today

I took my twists down , combed my hair and wore a afro the the
After coloring and blow drying.

After flat ironing and makeup.

Close up of make-up

My make over artists (?) 

My makeover courtesy of the Phoenix Mercury/Suns. This was done as the Brillaire Academy in Scottsdale. I asked the director if they had any experience working on Black hair. She claimed they did. They must have had a twenty minute lecture. I felt a little better when the floor monitor (?) an older Spanish lady came though and told them about how dry Black hair becomes in this weather and the extra moisture that was needed. I pretty much let the young ladies play doll at the make over. I just selected the hair color which was a combination of two colors.

I had been up since 3 am and did not leave from there until after 9 p.m. I think it shows on my face. I have always considered my hazel eyes as my best feature, even with GRAVES Disease which keeps them puffy and a lot of the time red. The ailment also makes them tear easily. The medications I've been on keep the face puffy as well. I have always had a narrow face until they put me on steroid based medications which puff you up like a balloon. I was on the medicines for over ten years. Doctors neglect to tell you how the medications will affect your body when they put you on them or how you can counter the negative side effects.

I was not happy with four inches being chopped off the left side of my head for no apparent reason and not blended in. The Spanish blonde who did my make did a very good job in, my opinion, of covering up the the puffiness around my eyes. Unfortunately there was no chart done of what she had used and where.

This was the first makeover I ever had where you were not given ANY information (Let alone product) to take away so that you could replicate the process.

I want to thank the Phoenix Mercury/Suns for the makeover. I would suggest since was the only Black person selected (yes they knew I was Black before I went to the make over) that they confirm the facility they are using has experience working with all races or at least have a back up plan. They had a young man running this who know knew nothing about the hair care business. I suggested Chris Rock's Good Hair documentary to him and told him it was just as applicable to other women when it came to how women are socialized about hair. (White women with curly had straighten it, women with straight hair curl theirs). Actually its an attack on all of our self esteem to not love your perfect self .




  1. Salaams Sis,
    How did you come to be involved in this event? Were you looking for make-over opportunities? BTW, your eyes are beautiful, but I always thought your regal stature was your best feature, and your willingness to share useful information, both personal and professional, were your second. :)

  2. Wa Salaam AWWWWW Yah making me blush and that's hard to do. I was doing something else and happened on the contest by accident and entered. You just never know.