Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Motivation and Inspiration May 19, 2013

Hi All!

Today's Sunday Motivation and Inspiration shares the concrete steps you have to take to manifest your best life.

 How are you realizing your purpose? Are you just visualizing and praying for what you want? As the video highlights you have to take concrete laser focused ACTION.  Without action all your visualizing and praying will be for nothing. Jesus said , "Pick up your bed and walk!" Wanting, dreaming and praying are worthless without action to back them up.

What actions are you taking to manifest what you want in your life? Leave a comment and share so we all can learn.


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  1. Very good, also check out "The Strangest Secret". I think you will like it.

    1. @Cassandra Bromfield. Will do. Is this on Youtibe?