Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Inspirational Video Never Give Up 2/2/2013

Hi All!

I've been missing in action trying to streamline my life so that I can better take advantage of opportunities that come my way.  I will be restarting my tech series as of this Monday. Enjoy the video and please leave a comment.

Tell me you watched that video dry eyed? Leave a comment telling me what you thought of this video. 

This video made me miss My Daddy so much, he died in 1997.  This could very easily have been my Daddy. He was always there for us. All seven of us. I can't remember a swim meet, basketball tournament, play or any other activity where my Daddy was not there.

If you have or had a Daddy that stood by you , please leave a comment and share a memorable memory of him with the rest of us.



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