Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treasury Thursday Tropical Breeze

Hi All!

I know everyone is ready for a Tropical Breeze especially those of you in the frosty time zones. Here in the desert of Arizona we have been hit with extremely cold temperatures for us (20 degrees). No, we're not prepared for it.

So I'm happy to bring you this lively collection entitled , "Tropical Breeze" by Nancy Gobee of NancysWorkshop.

Doesn't this make you reminisce for a chair on the beach with the breeze coming in from the ocean. Makes me miss the Bahamas and the breeze coming off the ocean on the beaches in Senegal, in West Africa. What memories does this collection bring to mind for you? Please share in the comments section. As always all pictures are clickable for more info and to purchase. 

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  1. WOW! I didn't know that it got that cold there. I was complaining about it being 37 degrees a couple of mornings here in Cali. I am stopping by from BE Network on LinkedIn and I am now following you. Stop by & say hello.