Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinterest Tools: Beta

Hi All

Would you like to turn your Pinterest boards into a shop and sell directly from the board?
Well if the folks who brought us Pinetics have their way that's exactly what's going to happen.They've developed an application to allow you to do just that. is the name of the application. The process seems simple enough.
To get started, users will sign in, select the boards where their products are shown, add a description, price and shipping charges, and then select how they want to get paid (PayPal or Dwolla). The rest of the setup is handled by ShopInterest itself. Click the video to see it in action.

 To sign up click on the image below.

Signup to receive an invite.

Currently in beta, signup to receive an invite. Leave a comment to let me know if you would use this service.
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  1. Thanks for this info! Very good idea to let people buy right from your boards, that's awesome! ;0)

  2. Thank you Come back and let us know how this works for you once you have a chance to take it for a spin.

  3. This seems great! I am going to definitely try it. Thanks!

  4. Hi, this is Liang from Shopinterest, Pasted several invites links here, feel free to sign up to try our private beta. dont' forget to give us your feedback. Thanks and enjoy.