Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest Tools : Analytical Tools

Hi All

There have been numerous tools to provide analytical data for tools to developed to track your analytics , including how many times and item has been re-pinned who pinned it. The best times to pin, etc.I compiled a list of the ones I kept encountering. was my first first post in this series so you can find it here

I have listed the tools and singled out what is different about each tool. All will track your pins, who's sharing and how many times its shared.

1. measures analytics for and your website.

2. tracks popularity on

3.  Provides Analytics to study your influence and which of your followers is an INFLUENCER. Measures Pin influence and gives you a value ($) evaluation for each pin and its repinning.

5. Allows you to see what the competition is posting.

6. is like Google Alert for Pinterest. Set your keyword up and they will send you an alert when that keyword is triggered. The alert gives you the who what and where. I use alerts to track international trade info and international events of interest to Creatives.

7. This one I found really interesting because its an all in one dashboard that lets you track all your sites. Allows you to pull data from sources , has pre-build widgets to do this and you can do read only sharing with whomever you designate. 

You can also use Google Reader by feeding your Domain source page from Pinterest. Mashable does an excellent job of walking you through how to do this with detailed pictures here 

You can play around to see which one best services your needs. I know many of you who come to my blog are internationalists and  creatives so you don't need analytics which become a job unto it self. Since being a creative also means your selling a product or services you need to know how the pin is being shared , how many times and whose influencing the share. 

I've got some great info for Friday and Saturday as I wind this Pinerest series down which will help increase your sales using Pinterest. So check these tools out and leave a comment how you like them. If you are already using one or more of them, share how's it working for you. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

See you tomorrow.
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