Saturday, July 14, 2012

1001 Journals Project Scottsdale

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My local library in Scottsdale in conjunction with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art hosted and exhibition called the 1001 Journals Project. The journals were blank pages and the public was invited to fill in whatever they wanted.  The idea behind 1001 Journals is similar to your 1000 Journals project —whose aim was get sketchbooks into the hands of artists, who then either fill the journals themselves or pass them along to others to complete. Brian Singer then transitioned this into the 1001 project to get journals in to the hands of everyday people.

Hospitals were the first to come on board putting the journals into the hands of kids and teenagers. Cultural centers and museums picked up the idea and offered them to the public. Scottsdale came on board and added workshops with theirs to teach the public different art techniques.  Their project was titled the 100 Journal project. My daughter and I attended several of the work shops and the skill levels of the instructors was very high.

100 journals were put out on tables, seating areas and stand high tables. Pencils, colored pencils paints and markers were put out all around the room so the public could get creative. And creative the were.
Reading through the journals was a wonderful experience in humanity. I remember one entry where a woman with kids stated she was in an abusive relationship  and didn't have a way out. The prayers, information, and offers of help to this woman were heartwarming. Folks did art work from drawing of aliens to Matisse type paintings , poems , memes, musings and all points in between. The staff had papered the walls with entries from the journals. One small section had political statements. A staffer told me Republicans and Democrats would come in and each would complain that the comments were too liberal  or too conservative. Smile

The bulbs are fiber yarn and are huge. The instructor had on a bracelet made of fiber balls. I asked her if it was solid or hollow. She stated it was solid and we laughed about her being compulsive because each fiber "bead" would have required many hours of winding.

Overview of the gallery

One of the walls of the Gallery covered with journal pages.

The page was produced at a workshop

A reception was held after the last workshop to close out the project. the public was invited. The library allowed those who attended the reception and wanted to take a journal home to do so.
The first two photos are courtesy of the Scottsdale Library. If you would like more info regarding the journal project you can contact the library here ; contact Scottsdale Room, Scottsdale Civic Center Library, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, phone 480-312-7323      

Scottsdale Arizona is known for its emphasis on the arts. The City pours a lot of money into the arts from the Peter Solis "Bridge" to the murder mystery my daughter participated in last night. The 100 journals project was one of their best efforts.

If you have enjoyed projects like this in your city or what to share what your thoughts on the project leave a message.


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  1. Wow what an abolutely fascinating project to be part of....and the fact that workshops were offered I am sure would have meant that people who would have gone Oh no I'm not artistic and I wont take part would have been made to feel it was okay....and that's what makes this one extra was for everyone....and what an amazing display

  2. The artwork poems and just mini stories people put into the books were incredible and I'm sure many did not consider themselves "artistic". Smile


  3. One small section had political statements. A staffer told me Republicans and Democrats would come in and each would complain.

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  5. This is an awesome project and great concept. Your website has a wealth of information as well. Thanks for posting the link to my Facebook Fanpage,

    Sylvia Browder