Friday, July 13, 2012

African Fashion Week Part II

Hi All

I wanted to show the African Fashion Week shows that took place in individual countries. Benin (not the one in Nigeria) is known on the continent for always being cutting edge for fashion. Still trying to locate a video for them, so if any of the Africans who read my blog have video from Benin, shoot me an email. Thanks.

If you're in New York here's the link for the schedule today and tomorrow

The African Bridal Show will take place in London August 4, 2012, here's their youtube link for more info: Here's a e-commerce store I encountered to get your African Designer fashion right here in the USA. (I am not an affiliate and have no interest in the company.) One of the things I like so much about traditional African fashion is that women look so feminine. No matter whether you're tall (me) or short, slim or curvy or very very curvy, you going to look sexy as hell in African fashions they just bring out the best in women. The challenge for African fashion designers now becomes are we going to butch it up to be acceptable to non Africans or will they find that "sweet spot" to take African fashions mainstream and still keep women looking as feminine as traditional African fashion has done.
If you have videos or designer names you liked to share leave it in a comment. I'd love to just want to read your thoughts on this post, leave a comment to let me know what you think?
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  1. While some females have mastered the art of African fashion and look fabulous all the time, many still struggle to figure it all out. If you are one of the ladies still hunting for what exactly to wear every day, you've come to the right place..


  2. Fashion is my passion, used to be a model.. so i love everything on this site. congrats in order and i hope iwill have the opportunity to meet and wor with you... Thanks

  3. More than 200 wines from the various wine estates, olive products, glorious cheese, and loads of specialty food stalls offered by more than 50 local wineries.

  4. @Marie Bonny Thank you for the kind words.

    @Træpiller Sjælland What is the point of your comment?