Thursday, July 12, 2012

African Fashion Week August 2012

Hi All

African Fashion Week takes place throughout the year from London to New York to South Africa as Africa Designers choose to present their own designs to the world instead of just have interpretations done without giving credit to the country or region in Africa that inspired the interpretation.

South African Fashion Week May 2012

African Fashion Week London August 2012

African Fashion Week New York July 12-17, 2012

The commentator for the New York video, I think, best describes why we have this plethora of African Fashion shows throughout the year all over the world.

I have always loved the way Africans throughout the continent can take colors Americans have been taught "don't go together" and make amazing color combinations and they WORK.

If you have a favorite African designer or outfit you love please share. If you can't put it in the comment email me ( a picture and I will add it.



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  1. For African fashion lovers, a little known secret is the use of African cow horn jewellery to complement African dressing.


  2. @clericalshirtsuk. The use of cow horn jewelry may be more wide spread than you think. I have made and seen numerous pieces on the east coast and in my home city of Detroit where cow horn was used to complement both African garments and western wear. The jewelry made from the horn is very versatile as can be seen in this listing.

  3. This is the only wine fare in South Africa where you can taste and purchase more than 200 wines from the various wine estates, olive products, glorious cheese, and loads of specialty food stalls offered by more than 50 local wineries.

  4. The medium of fashion shows. Lakme India Fashion Show is the most popular fashion show celebration of India where the talents of already established and upcoming designers are showcased.

  5. That's good to know. Do you have a link?

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