Monday, July 16, 2012

New Video Cowrie Shell Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Hi All!

I haven't done much with video lately, so I sat down and did a video showcasing my cowrie shell jewelry. This is jewelry that I wire wrap in sterling silver, copper and antiqued copper wire.

Let me know your thoughts about the video. 

Some questions I'd like to pose to you:

1. Are you more likely to buy if jewelry is shown on a model?

 2. Do you like cowrie shell jewelry?

 3. Do you wear wire wrapped jewelry?

 Add any observations you want to make regarding the video itself. I'd appreciate the responses and yes I can take a critique.



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  2. If you're going to spam a post at least make sense. Your link doesn't go to anything concerning art.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing the video! To answer your questions:
    1. I like to see at least one photo of the jewelry on a model so I can get an estimate of the size and how it lays or hangs.
    2. Cowrie shell jewelry is pretty to me.
    3. I really like wire wrapping. especially with the warm colored wires (copper, etc)

    Hope this helps! ;-)

    1. Hi Michelle! I ditto ChatterBlossom. Your pieces are beautiful!


      Amanda Maynard
      Inner Guidance Coach/Spiritual Mentor
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  5. @ChatterbBlossum. Thank you for the comments and yes it does help.

    @Carl Can Thank you and you're welcome. Keep me on your list to check back. I'm going to do at least one post on I've received some of my biggest sales from there.

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  7. Ooooh, I love your jewelry! I have not worn this type of jewelry before, but it is beautiful. As a woman, I believe (for many of us) wearing something beautiful that resonates with us helps us reconnect to ourselves and our femininity.

    Models wearing the jewelry or not doesn't really make a difference for me :) After watching your video, I am definitely going to have to check it out.

    Have a gorgeous day,

    Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
    Soul Collaboration Guide
    Inward Oasis

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  8. Hi Michelle,
    1) A model makes no difference to me.
    2) I love the shell jewelry. I feel a close connection to the ocean. =)
    3)I have worn wire wrapped jewelry before.

    Like Janelle said, I think wearing something beautiful helps me connect to femininity. So since it's from the ocean that's a bonus! Very beautiful pieces.

  9. I like to see the jewelry on a model or at least compared to something so I know how big it is. I don't tend to wear shells or ocean-related jewelry, but there is a huge market for it. I make wire-wrapped jewelry myself, but doubt I could do anything with shells or other delicate materials! I am too heavy-handed for such things, so I'm pretty amazed at your skill. :-)

  10. Michelle,

    I really liked your video: It showed some great sample of your work. Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. I probably am more likely to buy jewelry I have seen on a model. Not only does this help me see the scale of the jewelry, it also gives me ideas on what to wear the jewelry with.

    2. I had never seen Cowrie shell jewelry before. I don't believe I have any jewelry with shells, other than strands I have been given as gifts.

    3. I do wear wire-wrapped jewelry. My sister-in-law wraps precious and semi-precious stones: I have several of her creations..

    Peggy Lusk, CPA
    Abundance by Design
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  11. I love unique jewelry and I also love shells. Like someone who commented earlier, I like to know the size of something. But other than that, I don't really care if it is on a model or not. If a piece calls to me, it does. Its as simple as that. I wear all kinds of jewelry including wire wrap. I'm of the opinion that a woman can never have enough choices in jewelry, nail, or lipstick color. I love the variety and how each one makes me feel.

    D. Takara Shelor
    Forchianna L.L.C.

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  12. I LOVE wire wrapped jewelry, especially with swirl designs. : D

    I don't need to see it on a model to know if I like it, most of the time.

    On a totally different note, I love that you have a "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on your page. What a great marketing idea for what you do!

    I followed all your boards.

    PJ Van Hulle
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    Real Prosperity, Inc.

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    1. Thank you. Pinterest gives you that icon free.

  13. I would prefer the jewelry on a model so I can see what it looks like against "skin." Honestly, I have never heard of Cowrie Shell jewelry, but I found it beautiful. I would probably by it for someone with whom I was in a relationship. It definitely makes a beautiful gift.

  14. What a quick and simple way to show your jewelry! Some of the text was a little hard to read, but other than that, I enjoyed the video and the music.

    I don't wear cowrie jewelry; I'm more of a vintage glass kinda girl. I do enjoy wire-wrapped jewelry and make it myself, when I'm motivated (I had a jewelry business for several years). I don't need to see jewelry on a model to know if I like it.

    Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking Coach and Trainer
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    1. Thank you I needed some new eyes. I will play around with the text fonts to make them clearer.

  15. Michelle, Your video was fun to watch and way too short! The music is great! Way nicer than my talkin' head videos!!!

  16. You might prefer a resource like Jing at by making a video from a Powerpoint perhaps.
    After making the video, post it to Youtube.
    It's easier to simply use as the URL and to place that link at beginning & end of the video, plus maybe just once more in the middle.
    The large orange text overlaying your jewellery in the video, spoiled it. They're not needed. In a Youtube video you can write a description with link under each video.
    I'm not more likely to buy if shown on a model, I quite liked the cowrie shell jewellery, I do not wear wire wrapped jewellery (though doesn't mean I wouldn't, if I liked the piece).
    Hope that's helped. :)

  17. Thank you Thea. This is very helpful. I was doing the video in and letting them post it. I've not used Jing. I didn't know I could use Youtube this way. I'm going to try it this way.

  18. Hi Michelle,

    Here's my answers to your questions:
    1. Yes. It would be nice to see a model of a jewelry first before I would buy it.
    2. Cowrie shells are awesome as a jewelry (as well as any other handicrafts). I'm from the Philippines and there's a lot of cowrie shells there.
    3. Sometimes. :)

  19. @Lorii Abela. Thanks for your response.

  20. Beautiful jewelry! I don't need to see it on a model, but I do like to know the measurements (length/width). I hadn't heard the term 'cowrie shell jewelery' before, but I definitely like it! I do have wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry. With shells, I would probably prefer them to be wire-wrapped because I would be so disappointed if I broke them!

    Lisa MacDonald
    Transcribble Virtual Assistance