Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Inspiration May 5, 2013

Hi All!

Today's Sunday inspiration and motivation comes from my youngest daughter. The Y generation has not had the freedom to walk to school and play in the street as my boomer generation did. This generation also did not have recess. A fact I still think is just plain wrong. When my kids were younger I had us all enrolled in belly dancing classes before we moved to Arizona, because of my skeletal issues. The eight years we have been in Arizona my activities have been severely curtailed because of my health. Yet My baby who had never so much as tried to dance  set out to find her sport.

Baby girl doing Circus yoga about 4 years ago.

Baby girl is smart as a whip. Her teachers love her and always ask if I can send them twenty more like her. She is a very good student.  Yet she realized that there must be balance in one's life. So baby girl (Fifteen this year) set out to find her sport. First up was volleyball in middle school. Not good. This generation also did not have recess. A fact I still think is just plain wrong. 

Next baby girl tried track. Not good. I have to give her credit she did not quit no matter how many times she came in last. An interesting aside, I would be cheering like a trained seal when she came in last. I also cheered for the other kids who came in last. One such incident, one of her teammates came over and gently told me the kid was not on their team. I said okay and kept cheering. She asked why was I still cheering for the kid. I responded how would you feel if you were dead last. She and the other kids who heard the conversation started cheering the last kid on in each race. You could see the visual change on the last kids face when we started cheering them on that the could do, it keep running. Those were the quietest parents I have ever seen in my life. Yes, I was an anomaly being the only Black parent in the stands. Thankfully the season ended. Then she had to make a decision to try out for pom or cheer at her new high school. She went with pom. When we walked in the way the coach looked at us, I new Baby girl had a snowballs chance in hell of making the team. Before you try and challenge me on this one, I've been Black 58 years, so yes I know when I'm encountering racism. She didn't make it and I talked her through it.

I don't think baby girl remembers her older sister being on the church cheer team. Yet, she discovered cheer on Youtube. Baby girl became the energizer bunny to try out for a private gym. She set up an exercise regime and faithfully followed it, tried out and made the junior team. She was a backstop base. Her flyer's loved her. The one time her flyer fell the person coaching had told them to hold their spot and her flyer fell.  Baby girl's flyer had to calm her down. Baby girl swore no matter what her flyer would never hit the the ground, and they didn't. My being hit in November 2012 ended that. 

Now at the end of ninth grade she tried out for cheer at her high school which was also less expensive.
She went through the three days of practice and then try outs. I said a prayer that however it turned out she would be okay with the decision. She walked through the door and said Mommy I didn't make it. I went into Mommy mode and held out my arms to hug her.  She came to me and put her head on my shoulder and after a minute said, "You're hugging the newest member of the varsity cheer team". She got me!

Baby girl knows grades have to stay at the level she is now (3.3). She has a long haul to be a reconstructive and plastic surgeon. So my take away is no matter, what follow your dreams. You will reach your goals or something better.

So what is your takeaway and how have you kept going to reach a goal. Please share by leaving a comment.


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