Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Inspiration Louise Hay 10/7/2012

Hi All!

Today's inspiration is by Louise Hay. Ms. Hay was in the forefront of the Self help movement. I was first introduced to her through her book "Heal Your Life Body A-Z, The mental causes to Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome It". She has been a great inspiration to me to not accept the doctor's decree that, "I would be in a wheelchair with my head been on my breast in ten years."  Well this is year twelve (12) and I'm still NOT in a wheelchair. My head is STILL unbowed.

Thank you Ms Hay, Dr.Pavner, Mark Lipinski and Big Mike Tate. They were all on my team and believed that a wheelchair was not my future. I thank them all and may the Universe give them a might blessing for all the folks like me they have helped.

What or who has been your inspiration? Who has shown you that you didn't have to accept the prediction? Whether it was about a skill, a learning experience or a talent.

Please share and leave a comment to help others.



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  1. That is wonderful inspiration! I used to have that book and I love her work.

  2. She has always been an inspiration for me when I've been getting gobbley gook from doctors.