Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Week Scottsdale

Hi All !

Last night Scottsdale and the Valley had Fashion Night Out. This is an annual event to commemorate the start of New York Fashion Week . The event is put on by Westcor which owns the major malls in the Valley like Scottsdale and Chandler Fashion Malls and Keirland Commons. 

The event is always high energy. Of course you start the evening out with Neiman Marcus. Neiman's always has a first rate fashion show, impeccable food and the best mocktails to be found. This year you were able to have your photo taken with props. Very nice.

Not my greatest shots but the front on shots had to deleted because they were to blurry to salvage.

I left Neiman's and headed to Barney's of New York. Champagne, regular water and fizzy water decorated were the order of the day. They had new staffers who were MUCH friendlier. Smile. I tried a new product they are carrying which comes from the rainforest. The line is called "RAHUA" (pronounced RA-WA). So I'll have to let you know how it works out. Barney's had a soap that was $25.00 a bar. I don't know where it serves it purpose or not but the bar itself was a work of art.

I left Barney's and went to Aveda's Salon and Spa because I wanted a new eye treatment. I have Grave's disease which makes my eyes look puffy all the time. (Worse case scenario is the bulging eye syndrome. My sister had reached this point and had to have eye surgery to relieve the pressure). Crystal did a fabulous job. She showed me how to not apply the eye shadow to the corner of my eye which would enhance the puffiness and drag down the eye lid. Instead she showed me where to add a lighter color to reduce the look of puffiness and to bring the lines of my eyes up. Sorry I didn't take a picture.

So what are you doing to enjoy Fashion Week in you area. Girls Nite Out, a local fashion show, a fundraiser? What's on your agenda?

Looking forward to your comments.


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  1. Great post! I am so happy to see more Arizona blogs.
    I am a follower from Etsy.
    Please visit and enter the Giveaway on my blog:

    Thank you,

    Ali =)

  2. Glad you can back for a visit. I follow your blog.

  3. Sounds like a fun night!! But wow, $25 for a bar of soap? For that price, it better be an exfoliant and a lotion, too!

  4. Laughing it was a work of art and if I get some loose money, I'm going to buy it and frame it. Smile