Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artist Spotlight HANDMADE SEM

Hi All!

Do your eyes glaze over when folks start talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, I do understand. You have to create your product. take pictures, write the descriptions, market them and now they want you to learn a foreign language (SEO). Smile

Well help is here.
Handmade SEM is here to relieve some of that stress for you.Michelle will be only to happy to help ease your burden of creating your branding materials. She is happy to help you with SEO for your EtSY shop/website or blog. 

Take a spin through her shop. Contact her to get more information on how she can lessen your burden of getting that product branded and optimized for the web.

Click the link to check out her shop and contact her for more information. 

Take a look and leave a comment on what your best SEO tips are.



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