Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Artist YankeeBurrowCreations

Hi All!

Today I'm featuring a Mother and Daughter team. Debbie and Amanda the creative forces behind Yankee Burrow Creations. Here they tell you in their own words how they came to create. 

Debbi (mom). I spend my days caring for 3 children still at home, playing with my 3 year old grandson, or just hanging out with my husband. In other words, I'm having the time of my life! When people ask me if I have a job, I say YES! My Etsy shop is my job, a job where I get to do what I love doing, creating things that other people enjoy, while still having time to spend with my family.

Amanda (daughter). I'm a photo specialist at Wal-mart but I have a Masters Degree in Graphic Design and would like to pursue that as my career. Fine Art is my background and hopefully I will be able to offer my drawings for sale along with my crafts. I design all the banners and avatars for our shop, and hopefully, someday, I will have my own graphic design business.

Don't you just love to see folks pursing their dreams. Now I've been in one business or another for most of my adult life. If you see the Yankee Burrow Creations blog you will understand my strong suggest that Amanda seriously consider starting offering her graphic skills through another shop on Etsy. The young lady has mad skills as you can see here.

Check out their shops and blog and leave a comment.



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  1. thank you for this! my amanda is good, isn't she? ;-) especially since she always has to go back and fix things for me. lol