Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Inspiration Ms Susan Boyle

Hi All!

Today's inspiration video is not what you're expecting.  Yet for me its the perfect example of not giving up on your dream. Never let others put negatives in your mind that because you are not slim, white, tall, short, your age, lighter, darker or any other ism folks can throw at you. So I present you an inspiration to me to never give up, Ms. Susan Boyle.

If you heard the original telecast of her singing, what were your thoughts when she came on stage? After her brief back and forth with Simon? When she opened her mouth and started to sing? When she finished how did you feel?

Ms Boyle blew me away when I heard her sing. I had chills. I'm sure she was told all kind if nonsense before she went on that show. I'm sure she did not get a lot of encouragement to go on. When I think of these shows, twenty somethings, skintight clothes, mean spirited comments come to mind.

 If this is your first time hearing this singer, then of course please jump in and leave your comments.

Looking forward to your responses.


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