Monday, March 12, 2012

Featured Artist: Syeda Umar

Hi All

Today's featured artist is Syeda B. Umar, my youngest child. Syeda has show an eye for design since she started walking. Her first canvases were my bedroom wall and window seal. Syeda took some aqua colored beads put shea butter on the back of them and made a mosaic on my wall. I showed her creation to a number of local and national artists in Detroit. To a one, they all told me that she had a gift and to not let public school take that away from her. Me being me, I left the mosaic up until the shea butter finally melted and most of the beads had fallen to the floor. Smile 

We have been blessed to have excellent art teachers who did not try to pigeonhole Syeda. Her teachers taught her new techniques and strives to enhance her natural talent. She has attended three sessions at the Scottsdale Artist School. One of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Syeda won her first artist competition at age 9. She received a certificate and a check for $50.00. According to her arts teacher her style is already being copied. We have even had her work stolen. Syeda's interests range from mixed media to painting, writing fiction and plays to songwriting.

Syeda will enter high school this fall and I'm looking forward to seeing how her work will evolve. As always you can make purchases  at my etsy shop by clicking on shop or the title. 

Make the best of the new week. enjoy


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