Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrating My 57th Birthday Day 7

Hi All!

I am winding this celebration down, today is the last day. I hope I have given you greater insight into me the person. The Internet has been a very different kind of venue for me. I am an opinionated and PRIVATE person that does not mesh with the current  mindset of the Internet. All the social media guru's will postulate that you must be transparent and your authentic self. Yet, that's not the true picture. We all have good and bad days. We all have our individual life experiences and quirks that make us unique. What I see happening with the Internet is that folks are afraid to speak their minds, that they self censor so afraid someone will be offended. The fact of the matter is that You have the right to your opinion. I have the right to disagree with you. When we become so afraid to speak our minds than we lose that which makes us Americans.

I have had to skip around this journey of 57 years to try and give you some insight about me. I left a lot off the table like the 1995 White House conference on Small Business where I authored three issues. One issue dealing with international trade received the highest number of votes in the eight state Great Lakes region. So many things I had to leave off the table for the sake of brevity. 

Going forward I am moving back into international trade and reconnecting with individuals and organizations in  this arena.  Amazon Trading Company ( will be my vehicle to accomplish this. I will be offering marketing and contact services for companies that want to expand their customer base. 

I hope the Creator will bless me an additional 43 years to see my girls grown and successfully on their life path. Heck, I might even get grandchildren. Smile

Whatever the Creator has in store for me I will meet it head on and give thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow.




  1. Wonderful!! I am happy for you. I agree with your views!! Zed

  2. I love that you celebrated your birthday for seven days! That's so awesome. :)