Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ya!! We went to the State Fair

I almost slipped up and missed posting. I have got to get back on track in posting everyday. We missed the polo party but made the State Fair. Neither myself nor B'girl wanted to get up Saturday. We didn't leave going to the State Fair until 3 almost 4 pm. It's been nearly 25 years since I've been to a state fair. Yes, we did the fried food circuit, but the most exotic food was B'girl's fried Twinkie.

We did the game section and I even got on some rides with her like Evolution. A euphoric experience I will not be repeating. On a giant Ferris wheel ride that took you 100 ft. in the air you had a beautiful view of Phoenix spread out in front of you. Magnificent.

Today, I didn't even read the paper until 8am. Smile My bones were going ," Yeah, its our turn" so I have been pretty stationary most of the day. Next week is a long one so I listened to my body and did not push it.

I made lunch and I'm going back to lie down as I have an early trade event tomorrow at 7:30 am. Dinner will be vegetable pizza or a big salad.. After all those fried goodies yesterday the body needs a rest.

B'girl is a happy camper. Memories made.

 What did you do to get your family away from the electronics and out making memories.? Please share.

The Amazon

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