Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taking your Own Advise Smile

Yes, I took my own advise and got out the house. My neighbor was going to a resale shop and invited me to go along. I AM NOT A Shopper, but since I didn't have to drive I went. She hit every garage sale we saw between our street and the resale shop. I got some interesting finds that I will share this weekend. I'm taking pictures this morning while I the lighting is good and then its off to the polo party. I was too tired to make the State Fair, so I'll have to go the last day Sunday after Eid prayer.

I'm supposed to go to my Scottsdale Leadership Class XXII reunion this evening. Send me energy so I'll have enough to attend. Smile

We've got dust storm warnings here in the Valley and if you've never been in one you can't imagine what its like. So we've see how this affects the weekends activities. I'll be posting pictures of my loot and the events of the weekend on Sunday and Monday. I'm going to need Monday and Tuesday to rest from the weekend. Smile

Get out and make memories.

The Amazon

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