Friday, November 4, 2011

Fried Scorpion Anyone? Welcome to the Weekend

This is the last weekend for the Arizona State Fair. Can you say,"Fried Scorpion? Smile. One of the many fried treats offered at the State Fair this year along with grub worms,  other critters and desserts.

Church White Elephant sales and Boutiques, Home Tours, Neighborhood yard sales,

The Scottsdale Air Fair. See vintage warplanes, sit in the cockpit of a fighter plane or take a free helicopter ride.

A lot of  like anniversaries from schools to hotels to the City of Scottsdale. The Valley is a buzz with celebrations.The Polo party featuring all the best of the "good life" polo match, Barrett-Jackson cars and Arabian horses (I love the Arabians). This is a small sampling for Scottsdale, all kind of events are taking place during this weekend around the Valley. So if you live here or are visiting you can't say there's nothing to do. Check for a lot of the event listings.

So put the the controllers down, shut the computer off and get out the house and make memories. Have a great week end. I will start back to posting pictures this weekend. Smile.

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