Monday, February 28, 2011

Premier of the Movie "Beastly"

We attended premier of the movie "Beastly". A modern day (emphasis on modern) day version of Beauty and the Beast. This new version was surprising good. The movie didn't sugar coat how our society has elevated the cult of looks and money to demigod status. You can open your mouth and say the stupidest things and it doesn't matter as long as you have looks and money. Those same things that helped to bring down so many other cultures and societies in the past.

What is interesting is to juxtapose this against the events that are taking place around the world as people in other countries are dying to emulate America and what they think is American. We on the other hand are worshiping at the feet of whatever the current  icon is be it Lady GAGA or a Justine Bieber. Just as long as they have looks and money it doesn't matter what they say or do we follow like lemmings. I'm not going to give away the movie but in one seen this is brilliantly depicted.

They should win an award for the Beast's makeup. Loved it.

Go see the movie and have an enjoyable evening.

Night All.

the WireQueen

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