Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learning to Use Social Media.

I know!I know! Social Media is all the rage and if you're not using it you're wondering should you. It looks time consuming and it can be, Yet it doesn't have to be. I didn't start out doing a lot of things in social media because I'm somewhat technophobic. You start talking to me in techie terms my eyes start glazing over. The surprise is that I've become the SEO Queen, literally by accident. Google and my sell sites love me. I'm in Beta for everything they roll out. I was trying to understand selling online and what was needed to get people to my sites. I've become very good at it. Problem was my back end was raggedy. I like most small businesses (especially Mompreneurs) was time and cash strapped. I couldn't afford to pay for everything I needed.  I had to and needed to know how things worked.

I restarted my business after being a way from it for a good many years. The marketplace looked a whole lot different after a ten year break. I'm a gorilla marketer offline. I could get through the door if I couldn't handle the business once I got in. My saving grace was if I couldn't handle the business I would tell you that. People trusted that I wouldn't leave them hanging in the wind. I did my darnest to live up to that trust. I have couple of rules in business that people know I lived and died by.

First. If I'm doing business with you I return all calls within 48 hours. If its not returned, I didn't get it or I'm unconsicous.
Second. If you're not involved in the deal its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I apologize for the caps, but I need to emphasis this one. Until the deal is completed  it is not to be discussed with anyone not involved. (Did I mention I did international trade for nearly 20 years?). Folks who dealt with me know I'm a neurotic on this one.

 I have never understood people sitting in a Holiday Inn (dating myself here this was the Starbucks of an earlier time.) or restraurant telling all and I mean all the details of a deal. This includes the who,what and where of the transaction. All the info you would need to take the deal away from them. This used to amazed me when I witnessed, therefore the reason for #2.

I've spent the last several years learning this new way of doing business amd understanding how and when to use the components. I will be sharing this journey under my old business name. I'll be revealing that info in the next several weeks. This has been and continues to be an awesome journey, please join me on it.

What have been some of the challenges you've faced in trying to move your business forward?

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