Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black History Month 2011 Feature: George Washington Carver Center

I'm always featuring events and activities in Scottsdale, but Iwanted to introduce you to a place we first visited when we came to the valley nearly five years ago. The George Washington Carver Museum and Center. Dr. George Washington Carver was revered for all the amazing products he found for the peanut. A high school for Black children was named after him which was later turned into the George Washington Carver Museum and Center. Whether you use a docent or not, its an eerily feeling to walk through the museum and see the his workroom, tools and amazing range of his discoveries.

I have not observed  the dedication or read of the tenacity of anyone as Dr. Carver to unlocking the secrets of the peanut. Have you ever thought of taking a subject and seeing what you uses you could find for it. I remember in middle school reading about Dr. Carver and the class trying this experiment. I don't remember what my subject was I do know I only came up with four uses. Dr.Carver found literally hundreds of uses for the peanut. Absolutely amazing. If you have ever tried something like this please share what your subject was and the uses you came up with. 

This is a great project for schools, homeschoolers and art centers.
Please share your project.

Click on the title for the George Washington Carver Center.

Sculpture Garden at the George Washington Carver  Museum and Center

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