Sunday, February 27, 2011

SCORE Facebook Changes Seminar

I'm an information junkie especially when it comes to my business. I have attended at least  four seminars on Facebook because I wasn't getting it. I was finally getting a handle on Twitter although I wasn't using it that much for business. I'm an opinionated broad, so twitter for me is great fun. I have to remind myself to tweet about my jewelry because I'm so busy sharing information that I think would be of benefit. Must be why I have three or four people per day friending me on Twitter. I put up a facebook page because of the sheer numbers on facebook. I'm not greedy, if I could generate a base of a thousand customers, I would happily gift the other gazillion to You. Smile.

So I attended these seminars which were advertised to walk you through how to use facebook. I wasted money but most importantly time. (If you follow my blog this is the steamer for me). Time is the one transaction I can never recoupe so I try not to waste mine or yours. I went to the SCORE facebook seminar even though I was feeling like garbage (pain was African drumming on my spine). I am so thankful I went. the speaker wasn't trying to sell anything so he felt free to give you the the basic info and walk you through the following.

1. The most basic info of the how, when and what to use  of the Major Social Media and explained then in non tech terms. He included how to set them up. (I'm sure many of you already know bits and pieces of this as I do. My learning style is that I have to see the larger picture and fill it in. When I'm doing piecemeal, even when its something I'm good at it like SEO, I'm not at my most confident best.)
2. The sites to find out how you and your business are being viewed on the web.(Some I had heard of, some I had not).

3. How to automate the process once you understood which ones would most benefit your benefit. How to put measurements in place.

4.  He gave an update on facebook latest changes and more importantly told you how to use them to your advantage. My favor is being about to change back and forth between your profile and business page.

5. Foursquare-Which seems to be the newest social media. This is location based, what was cool is that in doing a search if someone is in your area,  you can offer an incentive for then to stop and visit you shop. Did I mention it was free.

6. Google Places-Please if you have a brick and mortar location sign up and add you info. Google has changed its algorithms to give local businesses more prominence for a search.With the shop local movement gaining steam you need to get out in front of this. I know from experience people are actually using this to shop locally. Free also.

7. He went into Analytics of Facebook, Google and I use all of them but was only seeing the tip of the iceberg. will allow you to track how many times and who clicked your links, so use it for all you link shortening. If you don't have Google Analytics on your blog, website, sell site get it on there. I set mine up so anyone can do it. FREE Again.

He is sending out the presentation so once I receive it I will be sharing more info and being more specific.

If you have a SCORE in your area get on their mailing list and more importantly go to the seminars. The speaker generally are retired business executives, but SCORE is trying to bring in more folks like I heard who are in the here and now doing business. This is not a put down of the retired executives and please do not take as such. They are great at what they do, but Social Media is a new and rapidly evolving animal.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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