Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Art of Baby Girl

My youngest daughter is an extremely talented artist. I am in awe of her. She can take any medium and create ART, it doesn't make whether its painting or picking up some leaves and twigs and discarded paper she can create something wonderful from it. You will stand there scratching your head asking,"How in the world did you thing to do that." No, this is not a proud Mommy talking (although I am). I am speaking as an artist and observer.

Baby Girl won her first art competition at 10. Her first art piece I can remember she was between three and five years old. She took Shea butter and put it on the one side of some new jade beads flat sided and and did a Mosaic on my bedroom wall. I had nationally recognized artists look at her Mosaic. Each stated she was a natural talent and to please not let public school take that away from her. The Creator heard their requests because we have been blessed to have art teachers who encouraged her and did not try and make her conform to some rigid style of learning. She has completed three one week sessions at the Scottsdale School of Art and the teachers there taught her new techniques without hampering her creativity.

I try and expose her to as many different styles and artists as possible and keep her art supplies well stocked. I think the most important lesson I want her to learn is that it is a business and that you can make a living doing what you love. The Creator did not put us here to be miserable. To quote Baby Girl, "Choose Happy Mommy".

How are you finding Your Happy?

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