Monday, February 21, 2011

Featured Artist: Rabihah A. Mateen

My featured Artist for Feature Monday is Rabiah A. Mateen. Rabihah is a handcrafted jeweler who sells her jewelry on etsy as rmateen. She is a new to etsy seller so show love and patronize her shop. She also has a website at

Rabihah A. Mateen has loved jewelry ever since she can remember, but her passion for beads is rooted in her awe at witnessing the process of bead-making in West Africa. She is impressed by the way community-based groups turn the most rudimentary of raw materials into works of art. Rabihah gets her inspiration from the myriad of texture and color of different types of beads from all over the world ─ each with its unique origin and story. "I had collected beads for years, but didn't know what to do with them until I took a class at a neighborhood bead supply store. Using the beads I had amassed, I started applying the techniques that I had learned."The result was a flood of orders from friends and associates who were drawn to her fresh approach to style using traditional materials. That was five years ago—and she hasn't looked back.

Rabihah designs and crafts each RJD creation as she originally began: with the intention of making something a little out of the ordinary that speaks to an individuals sense of style. RJD incorporates beads made from gemstones, Bali silver and other materials Rabihah has collected during her travels. One of her favorite materials is recycled glass from Ghana. "Not only am I attracted to the aesthetic aspect of the beads, but to the fact that they are made from locally-found recycled materials. Groups sell the beads to provide sustainable livelihoods for their families. So in my small way, I'm supporting green and sustainable development. Who could ask for more?"

Indeed, who could ask for more. Beautiful.

You can as always click on the title to visit Rabihah's etsy store.

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