Friday, January 7, 2011

ESPN Broadcasting Live InScottsdale

I took my daughter to the ESPN live broadcasts on Monday and Thursday here in Scottsdale. On Monday they were only using a small section of the field next to Nordstom that was converted for this event. By Thursday the area had quadrupled in size, many more activities and food vendors were added. They even had a spa set up(Only in Scottsdale. LOL) The usual Scottsdale crowds were not there this time. Hopefully it will pick up starting tonight and the rest of the weekend. Usually people go to Glendale for the games and come to Scottsdale for everything else.

Eddie Matney of Eddie's House was creaming the competition with of all things mac and cheese. It was in a word, "Awesome".


Me with my shooters

Me and my baby girl.

My baby dancing to Knect and Xbox at the Microsoft tent.

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