Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Started Back to Crocheting

I started crocheting again. I hadn't made anything in 15-20 years. (I did crochet a piece freehand for the coral reef project that was on display for Scottsdale Library. I was a Clothing and Textiles major in the Home Economics Department at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. We had to learn many skills of what I now term the Home Arts. We had to knit,crochet, learn to make a garment by draping it alone., reupholster car seats, make garments. Destroy fabrics to learn how they were made and their properties (My personal favorite.) I used to be able to rub fabric between my fingers and tell you its fiber content, thats how good my teachers were. This talent used to blow my Mother away, I was always right. Unfortunately, Cass no longer has a home economics department. Strangely, although I sold jewelry though out high school, I didn't take a class in jewelry making.

I made the set baby girl is modeling free hand, without a pattern. I've completed some collars and dishcloths. I will be adding pictures shortly. Of course she kept this set. Smile