Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tabor of Amber Pendant in SterlingSilver

Amber carved into a honeycomb flat back cabochon. This pendant can be worn by male or female. I had this cab for two years before I created this pendant. I dreamed it and then executed the design. My friend Milton Bennett who is a metalsmith sends me amber and I send him huge odd shaped freeform gemstones. I can't draw beyond stick figures, so I never sketch out the designs. I take up a piece of wire and a cabochon or other items and just start bending wire. Its weird, almost like I step outside of my self when I am creating a piece of jewelry. Just me and the wire. I had to stop making jewelry at shows because I just zone out.

I was once doing a show at a school where I had a pretty good following. I picked up a piece of wire and an almost round stone. I totally zoned out, just me and the wire. I had people at my table trying to pay me for jewelry and didn't even hear them. A teacher, who is also a seller and knew how to cash them out jumped in and started selling for me. She teased me forever about that. I call theses pieces Blessed jewelry because its not me doing them. I've looked at some of them and said, "Did I do that?" I couldn't replicate them if my life depended on it.

That particular pendant I gave to one of my longtime customers at the school who designed my blue business card and wouldn't let me pay her. She doesn't allow anyone to touch that pendant. LOL

Have you ever done anything where you felt a higher power stepped in and did it through you or for you?

You can click on the link to get details on the pendant and purchase it.

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