Sunday, February 14, 2010

Destash Jewelry Earrings

I started out making jewelery as a beader  many years ago. I moved to wire, but I have always made a lot of earrings. (Thank you ladies of Kindred Souls Women's Coop for teaching me how to do production work.) I would sit down and made a hundred pair of earring and freak my older daughter out. (Smile) I will be showing pictures of a bag of earrings I found that I had forgotten about. They are all on sterling silver or 14kt gold fill wire and ear hooks. They are old stone so they are of a quality you don't see often; orby and spotted ocean jasper, aquamarine, tigereye wave beads etc. Here's the first set.

Tigereye Wave Beads on Sterling Silver.These are a great everyday pair. The stone has been cut to create a wave effect in these l 1/2 inch stones. I once did a show at Cobo Hall Convention Center and the first three hours I sold 15 pr of these earrings. $20.00pr.

These little cuties are faceted black onyx on the left with pearls. Dotty Ocean Jasper Squares cut on a diagonal with pearls . Both pair are on Sterling silver wire and earhooks. Both one inch long. $20.00 per pair.

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