Monday, July 9, 2012

You Can learn Alot From the WNBA

My daughter and I were invited to an event for the Phoenix Mercury our local WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) team, the Phoenix Mercury. We were in a session where the presenter was the Amber Cox, General Manager for the Phoenix Mercury.

GM Amber Cox and Me

After the rah rah session, we went to the game. The Mercury were playing without Diana Taurasi, who had a hip injury. She was trying to get healthy enough to play in the Olympics. (Note: Did you know that Taurasi was the FIRST player ever to win an NCAA title, WNBA title and an Olympic gold medal?).

Both teams in the first quarter were having trouble getting the ball through the hoop. Atlanta took the lead but the Mercury came back and took a 16-17 point lead but were unable to hold onto it. The game went into double overtime. Which I know was disheartening for the players because one team will win and one will lose. For the fans it was great basketball. Smile.

 What can we learn from the WNBA:

1. Team work- You knew this was coming. Smile

2. Never ever give up. Both teams gave their all.

3. When you aren't on the stage (first string) you still support the one in the spotlight. Don't you want that support? Then give to receive. Both teams benches were excellent at supporting the players on the court.

4. Coaching-get that outside support. Yes, I know you do it all, but you need a neutral party, who doesn't love you, to objectively give you guidance.

5. Customer Service- The Phoenix organization is excellent at this. The first time I went to a game and there was a call for the train, people go out on the floor and walk the floor with the Mercury dance troop. I was amazed at how many adults actually went out. Don't you know they went home and bragged about doing this. Cost to the organization. Nothing. ROI on investment-Priceless.

Oh yeah, that's my hand wearing the GM's WNBA ring. It was heavy. Smile

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  1. Great article! Nice reminders too about team work, support, and organization. We all need that.

  2. Isn't it amazing that the things that are most valuable costs absolutely nothing to execute? That's a worthy lesson for all businesses.

  3. Both teams benches were excellent at supporting the players on the court.

  4. Yes. The benches support of their teammates on the field and their runnign commentary added greatly to the game.