Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healthy and Balanced or Not

Hi All
We are given these magnificent mechanisms called our bodies and tend to overlook just our special they are. Our bodies perform effortless and all we have to do is give them the food, water and rest. We might even give them exercise and sunlight or not and they continue to function their functions without any effort on our part. Healthy and balanced, functioning at optimal capacity.
And then something happens to throw the system out of balance. P-R-O-B-L-E-M. You see once a system is out of balance its very hard to get back to that optimum functioning level. Case in point, I have been having sleeping problems. Always a light sleeper, now I couldn't reach REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state. REM state  is when your conscious mind is totally at rest (one of our big three). 
This can cause real problems such as  excessive daytime sleepiness, teeth grinding, exploding head syndrome (Walking up in the night hearing loud noises), restless leg syndrome, snoring, sleep apnea (stop breathing), and a host of other ailments.

Since each of us is unique, you have to have a correct diagnosis of your systems. Not always as easy as it sounds, so you may sometimes have to get several especially if you're a female. The first thing you have to do is document the symptoms. In my case a sleep study was done. The study wasn't half way done and I was put on a cpap machine. A man in the iron mask contraption made of rubber (?) which forced air into my lungs as I had stopped breathing several times. After being placed on the cpap which forced air into my lungs I slept peacefully through the night. I have to wait for a specialist to read and share the results with my doctor. A residual benefit of this session was that for the following two nights I sleep peacefully. I also realized that my pain level from my arthritis was lessened after the session. To me this shows that my entire body was showing the stress of oxygen deprivation.

I don't take drugs, unless I can't find any other alternative which rarely happens. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to punch out the Pinterest series. We're always told the body can function so many days without food and water. Yet air is an absolute necessity. 

There are many was the body can fall out of balance and to get it back to optimal operating capacity once out of balance is a challenge. Sometimes you never regain that optimal balance. The best avenue is to do your best to stay at the optimal level for you. Eat the right foods, drink water (coke, energy drinks and sugar enhance drinks do not included in the count), if you don't like water squeeze some lemon, lime or other natural fruit into it to change up the taste. Get those 8 glasses a day in. Get out and walk a couple a blocks a day. The sunshine is great for giving you vitamin D and is a great mood lifter.

If you have had to work on regaining your balance please leave a comment sharing what happened and what you did to regain your balance. You never know who needs to hear your story.

See you 

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  2. A great way to begin an exercise program is a simple five minute slow paced walk. As you continue walking you will be able to walk faster and for a longer period of time. A 30 minute walk is optimal.

  3. Thank you for adding this. I agree this is an excellent way to start any exercise program.

  4. @Anonymous glad my blog hasd been of benefit to you. Smile.

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  6. Neither diabetes nor aspartame are mentioned in the article. So you point is what?