Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pinterest Tools : Pinstamatic

Hi All

Here's another great tool for helping you get the most out of Pinterest.

Pinstamatic.com allows you to:
 "Get more from Pinterest by adding so much more than photos. You can now add locations, music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profile links, sticky notes and websites". Pinterest.com

This one application  allows you to do all of the above. It's easy to use. Let me repeat that, "its easy to use."  Smile

With Pinstamatic users can:

1. Leave a short message to followers.
 2. Add Location based services which include address, title, and      description. (possible coupon?)
3. Share Spotify tracks.
4. Add a quote with a unique font. (Your own meme)
5. Recommend Twitter users to followers.
6. Add a screenshot of a website on a Pinterest board.
7. Add a calendar date.    
Pinstamatic screenshot.com
If you're already using Pinstamatic leave a comment sharing how you use it. If this is new for you take it for a spin, its free.
Come back and leave a comment sharing your experience. Some of you have contacted me privately , but still leave a comment here. We are not all techies so its okay if we have questions or need a little extra help.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Always looking for new & exciting tools - this one is a great one! - Thanks for introducing it to us!

  2. Going to go straight over there and nab this one! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. great FYI! Thx for sharing... visit me anytime