Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's your Klout Score?

Hi All!

Have you checked your KLOUT score lately? I never really paid attention to my KlOUT score until recently. I started getting all these social media folks with 750 -140,000 followers on Twitter  following me. Now mind you I don't have more than 600 followers on any social media site. So I was wondering, What's going on?" I even asked a couple of folks why they were following me. Didn't get an answer. Then I started getting emails from Klout about the perks I was eligible for . So I went to KLOUT and checked my score. I had an amazing 45.55 score Right on!!!! I was up there with people who had a lot more influence (read followers) and were a lot better known. So you know I was smiling.

KLOUT own definition of what they measure: 

The Standard for Influence

Klout measures influence based on the ability to drive action, not potentially misleading metrics like follower or friend count. Klout has analyzed over 85 million people on major social networks, and is used by over 3000 brands and applications.

 The cards below are one of the perks I received from I love their cards anyone so I had fun with these. Each card has a different piece of jewelry.

My KLOUT style is Networker

At least they got that one right. Networking is something I can do with my eyes closed. Smile

What's your score? Leave a comment with your score and what your influence is?


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