Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Every One

The Creator gave Mother's a very special role to play that's why I love this quote from the facebook page listed below. 

The Prophet Muhammad was asked four times who was the most important person each time He answered,  "The Mother". The fifth time he was asked, He responded, "The Father". "Paradise lies at the feet of your Mother".!/pages/Inspirational-Quotes-to-Live-and-Learn/295143850506788

 Mothers who are striving to do the job are there for you, even when you're not there for yourself.

 I wrote a prior post about the difference between a Mother and a Mommy for me. Love them both, for each has a job to do and she  may be doing exactly what is required of her.

Mothers laugh with you, cry with you, kiss the "Boo Boo", even when its your butt.  I have to share a story here. I had my kids later in life, now the new normal. (ages 34 and 42). One of my friends had warned me some ten years prior, to be prepared when my child hurt themselves,  turned to me and would say"Mommy kiss my butt."

I remember clear as day when it finally happened. My eldest, all of three years, toddling in front of me, fell. She turned to me with tears in her eyes and said,  "Mommy! Kiss my butt!." In my head I hear Tina's voice telling me this was going to happen. I burst out laughing.  The lady whose house we were in front of burst out laughing, (she had grown kids). I laughed so hard I was crying. When I finally got control, I lifted my baby up, who was looking at us like we were mad women, and kissed her butt. That appeased her and we continued on our merry way. I still laugh every time I think of this incident.

Please share any incident that you were warned would happen and how you handled it in the comments.

God Bless every women whose striving to be a Mother and/or a Mommy. 

I hope this day is all that You want it to be. Smile



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