Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have You Found Your Rainbow?

Today's theme for the Ultimate Blog  Challenge is "Rainbows". When I got the email I thought,"What the heck?" Smile. So I closed the email and let the idea percolate. When I got up this morning I thought about what Rainbows represent to me. For me, rainbows represent purification, since they arrive after a cleaning purifying rain. You know the saying about finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The air after the cleaning rains have washed the pollutions, dust, etc from the air to the ground to me is worth gold.  I love the smell of the air after a heavy rain and the blue of the sky. Just like a kid I'm searching the sky for a rainbow. Smile

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Rainbows can also represent completion, finding that pot of gold (plug in satisfaction, happiness, and love) through your business, volunteer work, and family. If you have found fulfillment in any of these areas its worth more than gold.  Many people never find find their pot of gold.

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Have You  found yours?

Please  leave a comment on  your view about rainbows and/ or whether you have found your "pot of gold".

Looking forward to your responses.


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  1. Rainbows to me are just what SB said they were- an indication of a promise. Of a future. Of peace. Using beauty.