Friday, April 13, 2012

C2 Conference A Venture into the World of Consulting

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There is so much info to share from Thursday's Angel Investor seminar that I'm going to have to post that on Monday to give me time to break down the info into measurable bites.

I did attend a conference today for consultants that was very informative. The conference was put on by the New Venture group a part of the Arizona State University (ASU)  W.P. Carey School of Business.

After the Welcome we went right into the Keynote presentation by Michael Desiderio Senior executive for the Executive MBA Council (An association for MBA granting schools). The theme of his presentation was "The App of Life". Very fitting as the newly minted consultants had to learn to be confident and humble since they are just starting out in their careers. He wanted them to understand there was no app for life your had to learn it as you go. You don't walk in telling people what they need. You have to go in find their pain as they describe it to you and only then can you provide a solution.

Their was a professional panel of five (5) former students who were three to five years out in working for a company as a consultant or owning their consultancies.  This was excellent because it gave the students the opportunity to talk to folks who had been in their shoes. 

The next panel consisted of two students who were 2011 graduates.  This further build on the students in the audience having a better window on what to expect and how you needed to interact to get through those first assignments accomplished as a newly minted consultant.

I set my things down at an empty table and went to the buffet. I came back to a table full of students. Very well mannered they went abound the table introducing themselves. All were sophmores except one who was a senior. I commended them for learning as much as they could before they became a senior.  An interesting incident occurred, the only female student at the table  wanted to meet one of the presenters. She didn't know what to say so she and I did a quick run through of how to introduce herself and start the conversation. She did it and came back smiling. Fear conquered. I suggested she follow up with a short letter letter no more than two paragraphs, the first to reintroduce herself and the second to give a very brief description of what  she would like her future to hold.

I also suggested as soon as possible that they obtain business cards so they had a take away to give to someone who may be able to advance their careers or become a potential mentor.

We returned to the conference for Recruitment and Life Lessons by by Steven Holmz, Senior Managing partner , Cognizant.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the final speakers.

If the caliber of students both on and off the stage were examples of the kind of students ASU W.P. Carey School of Business is turning out, then a company would do themselves a great service by recruiting from their ranks.


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