Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes I finally made 10,000 views

Yes. I finally made 10,000 views. I know some of you get this per day, but for me this is a milestone.I used my blog and the wirequeen moniker to learn how to use social media and internet marketing. 

When I set up my blog I was in kindergarten. Now I feel like a high schooler or at least middle school. I've even gotten my score as high as 45, which I consider pretty darn good considering I don't have a lot of followers in anyone social media. I tried to go after quality not quantity so I could actually talk to people. My pages and facebook and Twitter are like the United Nations , every body's included. I have people on my Facebook page who I wouldn't go along with their beliefs if you paid me and they feel the same way about mine. Some of these people I actually know personally and have known for years. We agree to disagree, doesn't stop us from liking each other. Hmmm wonder if we could start a class for politicians to show then how its done.

Anyway I'm a happy camper to have made this milestone. Have you recently reached a milestone. Please share?

As always you can click on the title to purchase my "pretties". Remember 10% of my sales are being donated to Turkey's earthquake relief. Smile

The Amazon


  1. I am not one of those 1000 a day bloggers, so I know why this feels like WOOOOOOWIE YIPPPIE! Jump for joy. Congrats!!!