Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today Give Thanks and CHOOSE Gratitude

Today, No matter what your circumstances are choose GRATITUDE and give THANKS that you woke up this morning. Many who lay down last night could not rise this morning, but you did, so give
THANKS. I know many are not where they want to be through whatever circumstances you may have encountered, but you eyes opened this morning so you have a chance to change the circumstances.

We can't change the past. Today is a new day with a clean slate. Are you going to rewrite the past on this slate or are you going to write what you want your present or your future to be? The choice is yours to stay stuck in the quicksand of the past that you may not have had any control over or are you going to CHOOSE to be the Captain of the ship and run it.

Me, I like to run things probably  even when I shouldn't. Yet if I'm to get the blame and you will, I might as well call the shots. Smile

So  choose to leave the past in the past and write what you want on this blank slate.

CHOOSE to move forward and give THANKS that you have a CHOICE.

The Amazon


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