Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movie Premier: MaryMarcyMayMarlene

I attended the Premier of this movie last night not sure what to expect. The basic story is told through flashbacks which really worked here.

The lead character is a young girl who you are not quite sure why she's where she is. You're left wondering also until the flashbacks start. The plot surprisingly is a about a cult and how you people are sucked in to these things. Before you start sprouting off that this couldn't happen to my kid, think again. This movie is like a road map for parents on how easily your kids can get swept in
The subject matter is timely considering law enforcements recent announcements on how they are changing the way they are finally reviewing child prostitute and similar crimes where the victim was being prosecuted.

When reunited with her family the kid has shall we say some serious adjustment problems. She is unable to share what she has experienced. 

Parents go see this movie and them break it up to explain to your kids how easily such things can happen. The movie provides many talking points to start.

If this review is somewhat nebulous its because I want you to go see it and then share with your kids this very relevant and complex subject.

Let me know what you think.

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