Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Back! I will be adding Wirequeen back under the AmazonTC Brand

Hi All!

I've been taking a break as I analysed the direction I wanted to go in. I love jewelry making but international trade is my heart. I pulled the jewelry line from the Trading Company and gave it its own identity (wirequeen jewelry art and home decor.) I then used the wirequeen brand to learn how to use the Internet and social media. I didn't want people to think I was importing the jewelry when I was actually creating it myself so I separated the two.

My business advisers I recently have been consulting with suggested that I have to go for depth not breath. I will be adding the jewelry back in with my other items and putting up a shop here so you can purchase all of them directly from here.

Now everything will be under the banner of Amazon Trading Company (AmazonTC) which I am reprising. As you've notice on this blog I share a lot of international news and items that you normally don't see in the newspapers or on you TV broadcast. I will continue doing that as well as bring you country specific info that I think will help you with your business now matter what it is.

I know conventional wisdom is you can only do one thing per blog, website, etc. I've never listened to conventional wisdom, if I had I would never had the wonderful experiences I've had. I would never have made it to this day and time. So as I shift gears join me by signing up on for my newsletter that will start in January for international trade and follow this blog which I will switch over to bring you more "goodies". Smile

Of course I will keep posting my "pretties"but I will now be able to bring you a wider range of items. Here are two items I'd like to share:

This is a small bag that the independent fashionista will love. Not a common name but a very uncommon bag. 7" long by 8" wide (17.78cm x 20.32cm). First $100.00 takes. My paypal email is

The Earth Stone ring in sterling silver $125.00. The ring is size 7.5 the stone is 1.5" by 1" (3.81 x 2.5cm) .  This is one of my creations. My photography skills do not do justice to this stone.

Shipping for both items is free.

So sign up and keep checking back. Smile


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