Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today is B'Girls Birthday She Turns 13

Today my baby girl turns 13, where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday I was laughing at her as she went  from room to room playing in each room and then coming to see what Mommy was doing. She liked to play under the diningroom and then she became too tall for that. She took a while to realize she couldn't  stand up without bumping her head. She has always had her own sense of style and fashion. I believe in letting kids take baby steps in making decisions. I started my girls off letting them pick and outfit to wear and by the expression on my face daring anyone to make a negative comment to them. Baby girl has never had her hair permed although I did let her get a press and curl once. She has a strong ego and self esteem many times setting the standard for her class. The kids in her kindergarten class started calling her "rock star". I didn't get it, so I asked the kid I heard say it why. He stated it was her. If you knew my daughter then you would understand my confusion. She would not immediately join in play or other activities. She would sit back observe the activity and then decide if she wanted to participate. Go figure.

Now its  parties and she had her first limousine ride this weekend. Little Miss socialite had a luncheon birthday party to attend and that afternoon the parents of the second birthday girl treated the kids to a limo ride before they had the party. Thank goodness she has not gone gaga over boys yet. I've been talking that issue and whispering abstain from sex until she's married in her ear since she was born.

I give thanks for being blessed with her wit, intelligence and love these 13 years. May I be blessed to see her through the many transitions she still has will undergo before she reaches adulthood.


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