Monday, July 18, 2011

Wirequeen Blog Update

Hi All hope you are enjoying your summer. Make sure you take time to make memories with the kids. That is what they'll take into the future with them. The camping trip where Mommy and Daddie sang those wretched songs from the 70's. Smile Mighty Mud Mania, going to the park. The staycation at a local resort or amusement park. The making of the memories doesn't have to be expensive but it will mean you taking the time to make them. OK, stepping off my soapbox. Smile

Blog update. Featured Artist and Arts Organization will resume the first week in September. (School starts here the first week in August so that's a very busy month.) I will still be posting only in Scottsdale info and news you can use as well as new jewelry I've created. I'm reviving my trading company so I will be posting more international and probably the stones themselves before I create new pieces. I think I'm going to have them for sale as well so sign up for the newsletter and join the blog so you can get updates when I get my first shipments in.

My 30% off sale on Artfire is going on through July 31, 2011
As always you can click on the  title to make purchases on my wirequeen site.. 

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