Friday, July 15, 2011

I Won a Makeover Courtesy of the Phoenix Mercury

I won a Makeover courtesy of the Phoenix Mercury Women's Basketball Team. I entered the contest from a email. I was one of five winners selected. We went yesterday for the makeover. I was the only Black person. I asked the Director if her students had an knowledge of Black folks hair. Smile. She assured me they did.

I was reassured when the lady who was over the hair artists came over. She was an older spanish lady who knew exactly what I meant about the desert wicking the moisture out of my hair. So I felt more comfortable after she came over. One of the Mercury players was there and Mercury TV(?) did a brief interview with each winner. We had before and after shots done and numerous shots in between.

I had my daughter take photos and I am stitching them together to make a video. I'll do my big reveal on Saturday at 12:00 est. Stay tuned. Smile

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